Worshipful Lodge Universalis

N21, New York





The Worshipful Lodge Universalis welcomes women of all cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds wo are 25 or older. Its members reflect the diversity of New York City itself.

Freemasonry is friendship. An instant connection, a bond that doesn't need words.


All of us, whether we are from the Americas, Europe, Africa or the Middle and Far East, are guided by the same ideal: the pursuit of a spiritual, non-religious quest within a group of like-minded women willing to listen, understand and discover in an atmosphere of liberty, equality and friendship.

We chose the name "Universalis" to emphasize the Lodge's spirit of tolerance, mutual understanding and sisterhood, as well as to represent the universality of Masonic thought and traditions. Our exchanges take place in a welcoming environment where even the most reluctant speakers find their voice.

Freemasonry is sharing. Being part of each other's stories, of each other's history. Sharing the pain, and the triumphs, asking questions and offering advice.  




Masonic ritual and symbolism guide us on our paths to self-knowledge, helping us to become better members of our communities. The Lodge is a vehicle for the transmission of knowledge, and the fostering of wisdom and inner peace.

Freemasonry is growth. The Lodge is constantly evolving, building and rebuilding - and so are its members.


The Worshipful Lodge Universalis was created in 1992, when a group of women Freemasons from Europe and the U.S., all living in New York City, requested a charter from the Women's Grand Lodge of Belgium. A bilingual Lodge at its beginnings, Universalis was the first women's Lodge in the United States to work in English. Some of the work is still done occasionally in French to accommodate French-speaking members whose command of English is insufficient. Simultaneous translation enables both English and French speakers to express themselves in their own language and be understood by all. This further emphasizes our Masonic ideal of reaching out to and understanding each other.


FM is tolerance and intellectual freedom. The Lodge bridges differences in culture, language, and traditions. By truly lending an attentive ear to each other, we listen not just to the words but to the person speaking the words. We look at the other as we would in a mirror, seeing not only her face but a reflection of ourselves.



Freemasonry is evolution. An intellectual quest, a spiritual journey. A slow maturation leading to epiphanies, intuitive discoveries about oneself and one's relationship to society.



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on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, at 7 PM, from September to June

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in Midtown Manhattan

· What:

Practice of the Masonic ritual (Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite) in the first three degrees. Research and presentation of papers and/or discussions on subjects ranging from the philosophical, spiritual and ethical to the social and cultural.

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